We strive to provide the highest level of accountability, quality and responsiveness to our clients. We achieve this by employing our reporters, rather than using independent contractors, as is the trend in our industry. We routinely review transcripts for quality assurance purposes and evaluate the number of days a job has been worked on post-deposition. This allows us to actively manage issues as they arise. In addition, you can take comfort in knowing that your transcripts will not be sent off to a separate company and/or location for production. All production of transcripts, exhibits, and videos is performed in-house by our employees, which ensures both quality and security. We provide the services below. Please contact us to schedule your deposition.

  • Internet Scheduling
  • Realtime Reporting Services
  • Rough-Draft Transcripts
  • Comprehensive Video Services
  • Depositions Via Web Conferencing
  • In-House Transcript and Exhibit Archiving
  • E-Transcripts

  • Condensed Transcripts
  • ASCll¬†Files
  • Interpretation/Translation
  • Complimentary Conference Rooms in Harlingen and McAllen
  • Support Staff in Harlingen and McAllen Locations
  • Complex Case Management
  • Subpoena Preparation and Service