The 2016 election: How the results will affect the profession

At long last, this election is over. The American people have cast their ballots, and perhaps the most unique and consequential presidential campaign in recent history has reached its conclusion. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United... Read More

Hidalgo Co. Courtrooms Sees Shortage of Court Reporters

A shortage of court reporters across Texas is being felt in Rio Grande Valley’s courtrooms and could bring trials to a stall. Although some courtrooms have juries and others don’t, every courtroom must have a judge and a court reporter. Gabriela Silva is the court... Read More

Fee Shifts an Issue for Court Reporters

In certain situations, Tom Richardson will watch two attorneys in a deposition and will know one is going to get stuck with a bigger bill for the same service. Richardson, president of Stewart Richardson Deposition Services, said national court reporting companies are shifting costs –... Read More