Our videographers are certified by the American Guild of Court Videographers (AGCV) as Deposition Video Specialists as well as Trial Technology Specialists. All have multiple years of experience and are well-versed in legal proceedings including:

  • Videotaped Depositions
  • Trial Presentation
  • Web Conferencing

  • Inspection Videos
  • Day-in-the-Life Videos
  • Video-Elmo Depositions

Our video department has in-house video production, video repository, video and transcript syncing, and the ability to duplicate audio and video into multiple formats as described in the provided links. Videosync is compatible with DepoView, Summation, Sanctions, Trial Director, and DepoView for Ipad. Please contact us today to schedule.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is an MPEG-4?
These are video files that allow for easy editing, sharing and playback on any computer (i.e., Windows Media Player, or any specialized DVD players that allow “data” playback). All MPEG-4 files are burned onto a blank DVD data disc and are titled accordingly. MPEG-4 discs are not compatible with stand-alone DVD players. If you plan on synchronizing your video deposition with the deposition transcript, MPEG-4 is the acceptable and standard format.

What is a DVD?
In the same manner of renting a DVD movie from Redbox, DVDs only play back on stand-alone DVD players or computers that allow DVD playback (i.e., DVD-Rom). The DVD format does not allow editing. In this format, the video is rendered in the highest quality from standard definition digital video format (720 x 480p).

What is VideoSync?
VideoSync has become one of our most popular products. VideoSync provides a platform for your deposition video to be synchronized with the deposition transcript. Special features such as search bars and links to exhibits are included in most VideoSync programs. These features provide a high degree of versatility in analyzing and presenting testimony. VideoSync is deliverable in several media formats, including electronic file via email, thumbdrive/USB stick, and on disc in MPEG-4 format. In addition, the final product includes all associated video, transcript, and exhibit files.

What is Video Elmo/Elmo Legal Video?
A process called “Picture in Picture” is used, keeping the jury on the same page as the witness and the attorney. We use our main camera to film the deponent, while our Elmo projector displays and records anything that is placed under the viewable surface (i.e., exhibits). The Elmo-recorded footage and main camera footage are then edited together to produce one complete video file. The completed file may then be finalized as an MPEG-4, DVD or VideoSync disc.

A proud member of the American Guild of Court Videographers since 2014.


Bryant & Stingley Certified Court Reporting and Legal Videography.
We are a proud member of the American Guild of Court Videographers since 2014.