What Just Happened in Texas?

Something pretty magical just happened in Texas last week. Court Reporters finally got someone to listen to their concerns about “low-cost digital alternatives.” The Backstory Texas is a licensure state, and its reporters are governed by the JBCC which administers their testing and promulgates the... Read More

Whereas: Stories from the People’s House

When the House is in session, official reporters record every word. As Members debate and vote, the official reporters, also known as stenographers, transcribe all the proceedings for publication in the Congressional Record the next morning. Official reporters also precisely transcribe committee hearings. Whether debates... Read More

Court Structure of Texas

  All justice courts and most municipal courts are not courts of record. Appeals from these courts are by trial de novo in the county-level courts, and in some instances in the district courts. Some municipal courts are courts of record—appeals from the courts are taken on... Read More